Confused? Worried?

Has it been going on for long?

Feel your concerns are not listened to?

Told your child ‘is doing OK’ when you know he’s not?

Told ‘she’s only young’ but really worried?

All children love learning, having friends, achieving, receiving praise and pleasing their parents.

If this isn’t happening for your child, if he/she isn’t enjoying school, learning, making friends, proudly bringing work home to show you, or is unhappy, aggressive, withdrawn, or often in trouble – something is definitely wrong.

You’ll need to find out exactly what is wrong quickly before frustration, failure and disappointment turn your child off learning, shatters their self esteem, stops them trying and leads to underachievement and behaviour problems that can last into adulthood.

Parents are often told their child will ‘grow out of it’ …. well, they might, but if problems go on for more than a few weeks it’s VITAL to get them assessed and your child helped.

Schools often don’t have funds for assessment of individual children, so it’s important for parents to know they can arrange this vital service themselves.

Specialists at IWEPS assess and identify learning, social and behaviour problems, big and small to advise parents and teachers how to help children and young people achieve their best and experience success and happiness at school, home, College, University and work.

IWEPS won’t keep you on a waiting list; you won’t have to fill in complicated forms; you don’t have to get agreement from your child’s school or doctor –

IWEPS listens to parents’ concerns and takes them seriously.

To discuss your concerns please get in touch with the friendly IWEPS team.